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Cubicall Phone Booths

Privacy • Focus • Productivity

Cubicall Phone Booths are the efficient solution for the shortcomings of modern interior design — increasing productivity and morale by providing offices and common spaces a place for privacy and focus.

Cubicall Custom Phone Booths

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" efficient privacy solution to open-plan distractions."


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Cubicall Office Phone Booths


Enjoy personal space for those important conversations or when you need a place to focus.

Sound Absorbing

Utilizes frequency absorbing materials and design for an acoustically sound experience.

Easy Installation

Booths ship flat and most models can be built within 45 minutes with just a few tools.


Design a booth with custom colors, materials and custom graphics to match your branding.

Cubicall One Zen Grey Phone Booth


1 occupant (standing)

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Cubicall Two Rolled Steel Phone Booth


Up to 2 occupants

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Meeting Room
Cubicall Four Winter Sky Phone Booth


Up to 4 occupants

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Cubicall bifold door

The Bifold Difference

Our patent-pending design utilizes a bifold door, efficiently maximizing space in confined offices and helps more businesses comply with International Building Codes.

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The Harsh Reality of Open Office Plans

A Need for Privacy

While open-office design has grown due to the benefits of collaboration and operational costs, more and more research into the trend has revealed its shortcomings – most notably: employees are less productive, unhappy with their work environment, and disengaged.

Cubicall offers an efficient and customizable solution to visual and aural privacy needs employees expect. A small investment in employee well-being can yield a big return in productivity, engagement and morale.

Not convinced? Read articles from leading publications that we gathered together here.

Learn why Cubicall is the efficient solution to open plan distractions.
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Recent research has shown:

decreased productivity Cubicall

Decreased Productivity

Open office floor plans have made employees 15-28% less productive.


Lost Time

Minutes employees lose due to noise and visual distractions in open offices.

Morale Cubicall


85% of employees are dissatisfied with their work place and can't concentrate. 

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